Hi this is my “about me” section where I will now introduce myself because WordPress suggested I should do so. My name is Sara, I live in a little town called Wallyworld, CT. Where I live with my boyfriend Luke and our two dogs (Bruiser & Clobyn) and a psychotic cat named Ziggy. My mother owns a little Breakfast and Lunch (and some days dinner) place called “Sara J’s” which is also in Wallingford…and if you didn’t already guess it’s named after me (well the “J” is for my brother James…he only got a letter) In addition to being the namesake of a restaurant I have embarked on a journey through the world of cake and cupcake making. It’s crazy, it’s tiring, and sometimes I want to scream and end up throwing frosting all over the place, but I love it. I feel so great having found something I have such a passion for and finding my little place in the world. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and umm….The end? yea that sounds like a good way to end this…The End…well sort of.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sara , your cakes are beautiful. was wondering if you can come up with an idea for a graduation cake well 2 in one tyler is graduating fr0m CCSU and sarah from Lyman Hall. we are having one party for both.maybe we can meet at sara j’s to talk. i hate computers thanks pam say hi to your mom for me[ aka pam johnson]

  2. Hi Sara, I was wondering how I could find out about pricing? There’s a cake on your FB site that I absolutely love, and I was hoping to get something similar for my birthday party this year. Thanks!

    • Hey Alyssa! send an email to me at “getcupcaked@gmx.com” to price it I need to know the cake design, how many people you need to feed and what flavor youd like :]

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