Some time ago, in the same kitchen as before…

I promised you another blog post today….and so you shall receive it! On this the day of #Maythe4th I bring you yet another Star Wars themed cake.

It was made for a very special girl who just happens to be the older sister of the recipient of “Episode 1: The Playground Menace”! Which made my nerdy day. My task was to bring out a little femininity to the design, so I finally thought it was high time a special little lady (and her twin) made a debut. (Squee!)

Now how do you take something as ruggedly awesome as Star Wars and make it the definition of feminine? I honestly was stumped at first. Then I thought I should channel my inner Princess Leia. I mean come on, shes out there kicking butt and taking names, but she does it while keeping her femininity. Why was it so hard for me to figure this out? Why was I taking something that should be easy and making it seem like such a weird thing? Why is it called a driveway when you park in it?! Oh umm…sorry…I lost my train of thought for a second…. I couldn’t help it, I felt stuck with the impossible job of bringing a softer side to one of my favorite franchises without taking away Miss Leia’s sass. Finally I pulled myself out of my funk and it was ON. This cake was going to have it all….Mission freaking accepted….

First we had “Episode 1: The Playground Menace“, we had “Episode 2: Attack of the Clowns”, NOW we have……

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sis!

Now I know what you’re thinking. Ok I don’t know what you’re thinking….but I’m thinking….SUCCESS!!

I mean look at it! Really look at it! Does that look like someone who cant handle her own? No sir, not one bit.

This cake (as the last two) had so many fun details I tried to squeeze in. (Like who wouldn’t want a light saber curling iron?)

I of course had to give Chewie something to be less than pleased about, but this time he is not alone! Don’t mess with the princess boys, or your hair is gonna get curled.

After my initial perplexment (is that a real word?), I think I rallied to the occasion and made this a pretty damn awesome design…but hey I guess Im totally biased 😉 I hope you all enjoy it too.

As always…May the 4th be with you.




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