A long time ago, in a kitchen not too far away…

So I was planning on FINALLY posting the third cake in my series of “Kid Star Wars” cakes in celebration of today’s nerdy holiday, and it dawned on me…I never blogged my second one! WHAT. AM. I. THINKING?! How could I not share this cake here??? I’m clearly not in the right state of mind. So instead of you getting one blog post today with a super cute cake from a galaxy far far away….you my friends….get TWO blog posts, with too super cute cakes! I know, I know, try and contain your excitement.

So after making my first cake (If you haven’t seen the first cake, Episode 1: The Playground Menace click here to check it out) I had the idea, why stop at one? when you can have several? More is always better…well…when it comes to cake at least.

That’s when I was asked to make a Star Wars birthday cake for a awesome lady, that I happen to know personally, that I decided….nay….exclaimed, this will be the next in the series!

So naturally I got to work trying to think of a theme….and started thinking of how I could make it awesome and one of a kind. Then I remembered this lovely lady is a “Trail of Terror” alumni and happens to not be afraid of clowns….because for some reason 99% of the people I know are scared of clowns. Here was my chance! The perfect opportunity to mix Star Wars and clowns….I mean doesn’t it just sound perfect?…no? Yeaaa I was reaching….but determined to make it a thing.

Now what goes great with clowns? That’s totally right! A place for good old fashion family fun!

And where better than….JABBA’S PARTY HUTT!??

May I introduce you to “Episode 2: Attack of the Clowns“!


Bet you doubted the awesomeness of Star Wars and clowns, didn’t you? Its ok, sometimes it needs to be seen to be believed….

Of course Jabba’s Party Hutt would not be complete without a ball pit!


or how about resident jester, Salacious B. Crumb?


Poor little Chewie didnt know what he was getting into.


Even though I made this cake back in 2014 (yes we already discussed how far behind I am in posting many many times) I have to say its still one of my personal favorites! I hope you all enjoy it and as always…May the forth (and the force) be with you ❤

xoxo- Sara

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