Pitty Party of One

This post was intended for this past weekend but I made the decision to hold off for today. There’s a perfect reason…that I will explain to you later on.

I will begin by telling you this is the hardest cake I’ve made in the entire decade I’ve been making cakes (Yes it has been 10 glorious cake insanity filled years). I don’t mean difficulty as far as the design, though I will say it was quite the design, but more for the way this cake brought ALL the feels.

The one constant truth I’ve found with every cake artist I have met, is that we make cakes with our heart and soul. Sometimes its just a tiny bit of it, and sometimes its a whole lot more. We don’t know how to separate the work from personal stuff, because we take our work VERY personally. We create out of love and even sometimes, especially in my case, screaming obscenities and throwing frosting…sorry to ruin the magic folks. I remember every single cake I’ve made and can tell you a story of its creation. This cake though, is slightly more than just a simple anecdote, and it will have a lasting effect on my life and career.

At the beginning if the year, Nick contacted me to make a cake for his dog’s birthday. I’ve made birthday cake’s for dogs in the past, but Nick made this an extra special cake. He got his dog Lyra, a Lyra shaped cake. That right there is one awesome dog parent.


Isnt she beautiful!?

Now on to the hardest cake part I mentioned above…

If you are familiar with me on a slightly more personal basis or even follow me occasionally on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen some sad news I posted last October and this August. Within a very short 10 month span I sad a excruciating goodbye to my best friend and faithful fur baby Brusier, followed by his brother and my other beloved fur baby Clobyn.

Now needless to say this past year, making a cake of anyone’s dog (and oddly enough this year has been FULL of them) has been taxing. I really don’t mean to make anyone think I don’t want to make their pups into edible works of art, and deep down I love creating these treats featuring your special pooch, its just slightly sad to see your adorable furry friends while missing my guys so much.

Well now that I’ve explained the situation, I need to add one more thing. Nick’s adorable Lyra, could pass as a very close relative of my Bruiser. Yes. There it is. That was the hardest part of this cake. Every time I looked at the photos to prep the design and the whole time making this cake I thought about Bruiser.

How not to breakdown while making a cake 101.

I failed this lesson, in the past but it was usually out of frustration. This time it was way different. While making this cake I cried….A LOT. (Not near the cake though, tears don’t taste good with buttercream…I feel I need to add that) This cake took a fair amount of time to make as it was, but with me having to walk away and have a mini meltdown kind of made my work a bit more complicated. Every time I looked at the cake I remembered something about Bruiser that made me smile or laugh, so I would smile and laugh but then immediately cry. It was a very confusing experience.

In the end though, this will forever be my favorite cake. It allowed me to explore my feelings through my work that no other cake had. I have some extreme attachments to most of my work, but I was genuinely sad when this cake left.

Now that we got the sappy part out of the way for now, here’s another fun fact! This is the first cake I have ever taken numerous progress shots. I shared a few while creating the cake last week on my Instagram and Facebook pages and it really was a HUGE help to keep my mind slightly focused and kept me from being a total wreck.

Here’s a slideshow of some progress shots! I even added a few more than what I originally posted.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it, I know you all thought I just I used magic to make my cakes, but sadly I do not. Just a lot of time and insanity love go into them.

Are you ready to see the final product? I know I’m super excited to show it to you.

final 2

Do you love it!?

Here’s a few more shots incase you just cant get enough of it.

final 1final 3final 4

So now you can easily see why I love this cake so much right?

…and because as most of you noticed I used a fair amount of ganache to cover this lovely puppy lady, and that is a no go for our doggy friends, I included a cake just for Lyra.

Happy Birthday Lyra!

pup cake.jpg

So I bet you’re still wondering why I wanted to wait until today to post this, a full week after I made it, when I was SO EXCITED to share it?

Well today is a very special day. On November 30th, 2004 my Bruiser was born and today would have been his 13th birthday. So while I’m missing him just a bit more than usual, I’m really excited I get to share such a special cake with all of you.

Thank you all for reading! I promise my next post wont be nearly as sappy.



…and Happy Birthday Bruiser. I miss you so much ❤


See this cake on Cakes Decor here http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/296177-pitty-party


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