Where be dragons? Here be a dragon!

Ok so is anyone still reeling from last Sunday’s episode of Game Of Thrones? If you haven’t seen it yet….




Ok, still here? Then you saw it or you want to ruin it for yourself, either way I’m going to talk about it for a moment.


Soooo, I knew what was going to happen a few days prior, thanks HBO or whoever it was for the leaked episode. I tried very hard to stay in the dark, but of course my brother (yes the same one who got the TA-DA! and The Missing Link cakes) decided to tell me. Isn’t he swell? Short answer…no. Well even though I knew what was coming….I still ugly cried when it happened. I mean Viserion isn’t my favorite dragon, (team Rhaegal over here) but he’s still a dragon and dragons are real, and seeing them die, especially horribly, is heartbreaking. Then to see him end up in the hands of the Night King, ugh, cue the tears.

Even my boyfriend’s joke about how “that’s how the Lich King gets his Frost Wyrms” didn’t help (ok maybe a little because if you play WoW I’m sure you were thinking it too).


Now that I’ve gone on a tangent, you’re over here like “Ok Sara, that’s great and all, but what does this have to do with cake?” Short answer…nothing….but lucky for you, you’re getting the long answer.


Now that we are now gearing up for the season finale TONIGHT, I’ve got my mind on dragons! And funny enough I remembered I needed to share something with you all.

So a few months ago, back in the beginning of the year (yes as you well know by now I am perpetually behind on posting things) I had an idea. Now I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the unicorn cakes that have been blowing up the interwebs (stay with me I promise this is linking back to dragons)


Here’s a small smash version I did a few weeks ago


Now as adorable as these cakes are, and as much as I Looooovvvvvee Unicorns, dragons are a tad bit higher on my list. Just a tad…but a tad none the less. Now I got to thinking….how can I make a cake similar to these unicorn cakes, but dragonize it? (New word, you’re welcome). So I started planning it out.


This was my initial sketch.


Nothing fancy, but I KNEW one thing. The eye NEEDED to be clear sugar. I saw a few cake artists do something similar but I had no idea how to do it, and did I mention my hot sugar/isomalt skills were pretty much none? Yea…there was the challenge.


I remembered seeing lollipops a while back that looked like dinosaur eyes and thought if they could do it, so could I! I went to the craft store and got some bags of isomalt. My luck with hard candy (made the old fashioned way with lots o’ sugar) is lackluster, so I opted for what I thought was the easy way out. NOPE! Let me tell you, take every tutorial you have ever seen about using this stuff seriously, especially the thermometer part. You will save yourself hours of trial and error. This genius right here thought she way sooo smart and could do it without a fancy candy thermometer….well I did….after about wasting an entire day and a whole lot of isomalt. So just do yourself a favor and don’t do what I did.


I ended up making my own mold using (This stuff is seriously magical in my opinion) and after my many failed attempts I managed to make a few damn near perfect mini isomalt domes, or as I will now refer to them, Iso-domes. Next up was the backing. I rolled out a thin piece of fondant and painted the eyes on. It took a while to get the proportions correct, the Iso-domes magnify the painted part quite a bit so I needed to have my trail and error with that part too. In the end (the very long and extremely tiring end) I was overjoyed with the results.


My original design was just to have one eye open, but after all that work, I decided these needed to absolutely be the focal point, so this my dragon cake had two eyes open!


The other thing I knew I needed was an amazing photographer to take photos for me. Luckily my amazingly talented friend Jennifer Dougan was up for the challenge. All I have to say is she 100% outdid herself, as I was floored by the end images. I mean I was there, I saw it all happen, I know my cake was totally on point (yes I’m a bit full of myself on this one), but her skill brought it to LIFE.

Without further ado, I give you….





Ok the name is a bit lame but, I don’t sleep much, so the part of my brain used to name things is on shut down… how about Carl? Roger? Elliott? Oh wait that one is taken. Feel free to throw out suggestions at any time folks…nothing? Yea me either.

“Dragon cake” it is!

It’s he cute?






Of course I love his eyes the most, but honestly the turn out of the whole cake exceeded my expectations. I even used some extra isomalt to make a few jewels, because everything dragon needs his treasure.




I even joined in the fun in front of the camera. Thankfully through my constant goofy expressions and talking entirely WAY too much, Jen happened to get a few photos of me actually looking at the camera and smiling. I told you she was talented.




Yes yes, my hair was red for a short time at the beginning of the year. I was channeling my inner Melisandre. It still has a few streaks underneath (red dye has serious issues letting go) but for the most part and to the sadness of everyone around, my hair it pretty normal right now. It’s actually weird not being stared at when I enter a room. Ha.


OH! And no dragon cake could be complete without a fiery core….




Isn’t it pretty?! Such a contrast from the outside.


I think the best part about this entire experience was of course that I got to eat some of the cake. This was actually the first cake I have EVER made “just because I wanted to” and that’s especially big because next month I am celebrating a whole 10 years making cakes. That’s right folks, a whole decade of cake making crazy.


A major shout out and “THANK YOU!” to Jen for her amazing talent and such a crazy fun shoot. Please check out her page here and her facebook page here. She

I hope you all like the cake and thank you for reading!

For my fellow GoT fans out there, I hope you all enjoy tonight’s season finale (that came way too soon might I add.)







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