The name game…

You’d think that I must be allergic to blogging considering my constant lack of it, but actually its because I cant form full thoughts and sentences lately. I swear, my brain is muddled with “cupcakes this” and “fondant that”…its just plain amazing that I’m still able to walk and chew gum at the same time. With us being halfway through June its time to announce our July giveaway. This month’s giveaway is brought to you by Quilly Nilly. Tracey and I met through Nicki of Marchese Creations (yes, the same Marchese Creations from this months giveaway). Now it is an understatement to say that these items are adorable, and I am so excited to be able to share her work with you! For this month we will be giving away two prizes, one prize from Quilly Nilly, and one prize from myself…want to know the best part!? You dont have to live in Connecticut to win the Quilly Nilly prize! How cool is that!? Alright so here is what you have to do…this one is tricky…so pay attention….to enter to win the prize from Quilly Nilly, do you need to go to Quilly Nilly’s esty shop here and tell me your favorite item in a comment below(remember be specific), but I also need some help…now this brings me to the prizes…. When Tracey and I first talked she asked what colors I wanted her to use and it lead me to my “signature” colors of lime green, hot pink, and brown. And so these little beauties were “born”…

Aren’t they amazing!? the gosh darn cutest cupcake magnets ever! and in my favorite cupcake colors!! So that got me thinking that I want to have a signature cupcake that look like these! So this is where I need your help…I dont just want to name it the “signature” cupcake…too boring… I want you to give it a crazy cool name. Its going to be chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with lime green marshmallow frosting and hot pink sprinkles! So after you check out Quilly Nilly’s page and comment, throw out a name if you’d like(on the same comment), and I’ll pick one winner at random for the Quilly Nilly magnents and I’ll pick out my favorite name to win a 6pk of the soon to be named signature cupcakes (you must be willing/able to pick up the cupcakes from Sara J’s, they will not be shipped). Keep in mind that you do not have to suggest a name to still enter to win the prize from Quilly Nilly but you still need to follow the rules to be included in the random drawing! Now because of July 4th, I am pushing this back, the winners will be picked on July 12th! Good Luck everyone! I cant wait to see what you come up with!


11 thoughts on “The name game…

  1. And I have to say is that Quilly Nilly is very talented. Everything is beautiful! But my favorite thing would have to be the rose keepsake box !

  2. Hmm…

    How about Delicatable Diva (or delicious diva or dirty diva)

    Toots Sweet

    If the green marshmallow was flavored mint I’d suggest

    “I never mint to hurt you”

  3. My favorites from Quilly Nilly are the cupcake (of course) and the pink birdhouse with bluebird magnet. Too cute.
    As for a name for your signature cupcakes, one would think…what is one of Sara’s true loves? The Muppets!! Then one starts the wheels turning…what if Kermit and Miss Piggy had a baby cupcake?? (You know, green frosting, pink sprinkle) and voila!! A name has been born…….Pigmit….lol. Good luck with your name search and hopefully I’ll be ordering some Pigmit cupcakes soon!

  4. My favorite from Quilly Nilly is the Personalized Name Magnet Quilled. Being that I’m expecting 2 grandchildren this year this is something that I would purchase to put in their rooms. I would name the cupcakes “Rainbow Brites”. I am sure that they are as good as they sound also!

  5. I love the dinosaur birthday card!! I have had an obsession with dinosaurs since first grade! The card is adorable!
    I think for the cupcake name:
    green green ganache of home 🙂

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