You put the lime in de coconut…

So we’re a little over halfway through May and its been a great month so far! This month we started our monthly “giveaways” and our winner was Kelly and the prize was a 6pk of “Flower pot” Cupcakes to celebrate May Flowers!..haha..get it?…ok well…Congratulations Kelly! For June we’ll be celebrating Summer! I have teamed up with the lovely Nicki from Marchese Creations to bring you a tropical prize pack! Not only will the lucky winner receive a 6pk of our new “Lime in de Coconut” cupcakes (Vanilla cake filled with Lime cream, topped with buttercream frosting and rolled in shredded coconut.) They will win a beautiful bracelet and pair of earrings handcrafted by Nicki herself!(pictures posted below) To enter, just check out Marchese Creations on Etsy here and have a look around, then come back to YBC’s blog and post a comment below telling us what your favorite item is! (and yes I will be checking the comments so no fair writing “I like the necklace”…be specific please!) For example, some of my favorites are the cupcake earrings seen here or the awesome Owl necklace here The winner will be picked at random on June 3rd! You will have to come to Sara J’s to pick up your prize so this is open to CT residents only…sorry other states I promise I’ll come up with a prize for out-of-staters soon!

Martini Earrings

Tropical bracelet

Tropical prize set


11 thoughts on “You put the lime in de coconut…

  1. Hi sara! I love that you are doing giveaways now! what a great idea…my favorite piece is the Lush Peridot Green Flower Earrings …but all the jewelry is beautiful! thanks!

  2. I love all your items although the one that stand out most to me would be the Purple Lucite flower earings, Although I do not have my ears piereced. I have collected many pairs over the years and put them together to form a bracelet. which I just adore.. Purple stand out most when it comes to earings in my mind.. You are very talented. My sister has a keychain from your collection & I love it..

  3. I loved taking a look at all of the jewelry. My favority is the Love – Scrabble tile. I love playing scrabble so this is a very unique piece of jewelry. It is advertised as a Scrabble tile, however it isn’t plain it has a beautiful design behind the word love.

    Thanks Sara for sharing this website with your fans.

  4. Very beautiful collection. Though the Atlantis Ring would have to be my favorite. I just love the color and overall feminine design. Super cute!

  5. My favorite is the Golden Sierra Crystal Bangle Bracelet! Gorgeous!! Her prices are great, too… might have to buy myself a little present. ..

  6. The jewelry is beautiful and so unique! I’m sending my husband the link for our upcoming June anniversary!! My favorite is the Romance the Heart earrings. I love mix of crystal, glass and brass…very pretty and GREAT price!

  7. I do love cupcakes, Sara-J.
    I love them very much, I say.
    I love to eat them every way.
    I love to eat them every day.

    I love Martinis, too, I swear,
    but earrings like them, I can’t wear.
    I could wear them, though, I suppose,
    maybe in my ears or nose.

    But I won’t, is what I’m saying.
    I have no spot where they could hang.
    There are no holes punched through my skin;
    no place to slip the hanger in.

    But if you pick me, Sara-J,
    I’ll gladly gift the gift away.
    Of course, I mean the jewelry.
    The cupcakes will remain with me.

    For I love cupcakes, Sara-J,
    and could not give those treats away.
    I would not give them all away,
    I love them too much, Sara-J

    I could, I would share one, you see,
    if I was given two or three.
    I would share two, or even three,
    as long as there were more for me.

    For I love cupcakes, Sara-J.
    There’s really nothing more to say!

  8. I love the Cute-Cute-Cute- Flower Blooms, Millefiori Italian Glass beads for Color Coding your’s ver unique how there are seperate things for each key! I also Love the Zebra Jasper necklace! This girl is very talented and creative in all her pieces! Go Leopard33!!!

  9. I LOVE those powder blue cupcake earrings!! They are so cute! And I like the rosebud ones too. Cupcakes are my favorite. 🙂

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