what do you mean they can’t see me on the radio?..

These past couple weeks have been a crazy blur. I’m starting to really feel content in my crazy world though, it amazes me. I’ve been doing so many fun things and meeting some awesome people, that it only makes me even more thrilled about being “the cupcake lady”. A couple Saturdays ago I had the privilege of hanging out with the crew of “the Whiskey and Beer show“. It was the show’s 1 year anniversary…so of course I made them a cake!…Luke and I were invited to hang out for their radio show…and little did I know we were actually allowed to talk too. I was under the impression we had to be mimes…come to find out I was wrong. Needless to say towards the beginning I was a bit shy…I ended up shaking my head at a lot of questions and thinking to myself “this is radio dummy…no one can see you shaking your head like an idiot”…but after a little while I snapped out of it. John, Blaine, Mark and Tracy (Tracy happens to be Luke’s sister) are so awesome to hang out with and very hilarious too! Check out the link above (and here’s their page on Facebook)and have yourself a listen (the show I’m on is #12…but you should listen to them all because theyre awesome)…just be advised due to some adult content, I (as well as they) suggest that you are 18+ to listen. Thank you guys and Tracy for letting us “crash” your party! I hope we can do it again!

The Whiskey and Beer Show Crew!

Happy Birthday to The Whiskey and Beer Show!


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