Lions and tigers and websites.. Oh my!!

For those of you that know me well, you know I’m “web-challenged”, for those of you who don’t…well you know now. Put a lump of fondant in front of me, and tell me to make it beautiful…I’ll create a masterpiece…put a computer in front of me, and tell me to make a website…my brain short circuits and I start drooling like I just had a lobotomy. So, needless to say, I have owned my very own domain name for 2 whole years and have never done a thing with it. Now most of you are about to state the obvious, “well why didn’t you pay someone to do it for you?”…good question…see that requires money, and I can’t ever seem to find enough to fork over…unfortunately electricity and gas win that war…without them I can’t bake, so yea then a website would be useless. Don’t worry though, I have good news. Yesterday I found myself with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and absolutely no one to distract me…yes very boring, but useful!…I sat myself in front of “Yoda”(aka my laptop…hes little and green…yes I’m weird…) and got to business… Viola! within a couple of hours of procrastinating on Facebook, I added an image to my home page!…but after that, the next couple hours were a little more productive and I didn’t let my A.D.D. take the reins. So far I have my home page, flavors page, and photo gallery all done! and I couldn’t be prouder of myself…at this speed I might actually have the whole thing done by next weekend…I hope…unless my attention span is cut short by…ooohh look! shiny!!!


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