so Uncle Fester, Cookie Monster, and 100 cupcakes walk into a bar…

Last week could be called anything except mundane… I think I need to blog more, so I’m going to tell you all about it!… Easter Sunday I felt super duper icky…so icky to the point where after I got all ready to leave for my aunt’s house, I put my pj’s back on and fell asleep for a few hours…when I woke up, guess what? yea I still felt gross…so to say the least this is how I spent the next couple days…banned from the cupcake world I love so much and banished to the living room couch. The doctor said it was exhaustion…I’m like “what the h— is that?”…”can you give me drugs for it?”. The next thing I knew it was Wednesday morning, and  I woke up to not only find I was feeling 99.99999999999% better, but I wasn’t really slow and exhausted….ohhhh exhaustion…ok I get it now. However, along with my new found energy I had an awful realization to deal with. I had 2 cakes and approx. 100 cupcakes all to be done by Saturday…Where are those damn Keebler elves when you need em? (Im glad it was a light week…heh) First task to deal with…The Addams Family…dun-na-na-na *snap snap*…sorry couldnt help myself. Though this was a “Display Cake” (ie: Styrofoam replaces the yummy cake inside) it was a challenge to say the least. The inside may be Styrofoam but the awesome characters and pretty outside is not. Its almost a little depressing to know that all your hard work doesn’t get to be enjoyed by both the vision and taste senses…just the eyes get to have fun…damn eyes…my mouth is jealous. I got to work making my little fondant Morticia, Gomez, Fester, Wednesday, and Pugsly (Grandma-ma and Lurch were left out…sorry fictional characters, Sara is way too busy for all of you.) In between all the display cake work I pumped out my massive cupcake order…I was supposed to have help from Luke…but he apparently is afraid of frosting or something…thats ok I still got to call him “Oompa Luka” all day and that totally made up for it. So with the cupcakes baked, filled and frosted, I got back to the Addams Family….the next challenge…”Thing”. It took two giant rice crispy treats, a lb. of fondant and a whole lot of patience to sculpt a life sized hand but I did it!  And it actually looked like a hand too…not a foot or an emu or something… Ok so with “Thing” done I covered my cake and assembled it…trust me it sounds like it took me mere minutes as I explain it, but it was closer to 5ish hours…but it was worth it…sooo worth it. Before I knew it, Saturday was here and I was on my way to the Bushnell (yes I said the cool is that!?) to deliver my masterpiece. It was about a 30min drive and it felt like it took years, the whole way up I held the cake like my life depended on it (just so you know Oompa Luka drove…I’m not a crazy cake holding driving maniac). So we get there, I get to the security guard and explain my reason for being there….he grumbled something and brought me down to where I had to bring it. As I’m standing there holding my cake, that I was so very proud of, he says to me “ok just put it on the floor”…my jaw dropped…”the floor?…umm I’m sorry I’m not putting this on the floor”…he stares at me for a second and I say “no I was told to put this in the ___ room on a table thank you” …he stares at me some more, grumbles something else and points me where to go…I place the cake down, whisper my good-byes and leave. **on a side note, the cake was an absolute hit, so many people loved it, and the auction item I donated went for double then what its worth!…yay me!”** I get home, take a breather and then it hits me…the 2nd cake….damn, so close…so what do I do? I whip out the frosting, fondant, and cake and construct what will quite possibly be the best cake ever!….Cookie Monster…yes I’m referring to that furry blue confection crazed monster…he’s my hero. Not only did he teach me the value of a good cookie, but I mean come on…hes Cookie Monster! hes a legend! and to top it all off I baked Chocolate chip cookies, gave one to my pal “Cookie Monster Cake” and went to bed feeling like I conquered the whole world in 4 short days….but boy was I exhausted :p


5 thoughts on “so Uncle Fester, Cookie Monster, and 100 cupcakes walk into a bar…

  1. Hi, there!
    Where exactly are you located? I was searching Cookie Monster images for my son’s first birthday and am interested in your Cookie Monster cake. I’m wondering if you are near so I can order and pick it up. I live in Louisiana.

    • Hey Heather!
      Thanks for checking out my blog, unfortunately I’m located in Connecticut, so I’m a little ways-away from, sorry! I would’ve loved to make one for you :] have a great day and thanks again!!

  2. I don’t suppose you’d sell your recipe for assembling and decoration for this? I saw this and started to simultaneously drool and cry. I sleep with a cookie monster toy every night – because I’m a 23 year old 5 year old. I need to make this! And then shove my face in it.

    • I absolutely love this comment! ^^ Haha!
      I’m wondering the same thing Renee is. I’m here simply because I saw this awesome creation! It takes me back to Sesame Street where I lived as a child and would love to go back for a visit. I don’t even have any age-appropriate kids to excuse why I NEED this cake!
      You make an awesome looking cake, girl, I’m dying to know how it tastes! 😀

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