Hello my name is Sara and Im a cupcake-aholic….

Ahoy to you all!!

My name is Sara…thats right no “h”…remember that, it will help you later. Its taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I recall at the age of 3 I aspired to be a ballerina…alas you need grace and balance for that. Then there was my stint as a lion tamer…good news is I survived, bad news is my partner Roy got a little banged up. Then there was my love for miming…sad to say I lack the skill of shutting up to be one. So finally I settled on a modest career of baking and cake decorating. I run a little “shop” called “You’ve Been Cupcaked” out of my mother’s restaurant and for something that started out so small has certainly turned into something big.  Most people ask how many “Wilton” cake classes I have taken…or who taught me to do what I do and the answer is, I am COMPLETELY self taught. I learn from doing, not from a being told what to do and I truly believe that gives me an edge that most cake-a-teers out there don’t have. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not here to judge, I have my own style and others have theirs, but I can promise you that I strive to make people “gasp”, “ohhh & ahhh”, and basically fall in love with whatever it is I have set my sites on making.  Thank you for letting me introduce myself and I certainly look forward to entertaining you soon :]



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